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EMAIL: If you have tried to reach me on my OLD email address (bm120 at columbia.edu) I no longer have access to that account. Please use my current email contact, via this LINK, or in the menu to the left.

I'm a performer and teacher, who specializes in the viola da gamba, violone and contrabasses of the renaissance, baroque and classical periods. Over the years, people have often asked my advice for information about music and where to buy instruments and supplies. The internet now makes it pretty fast and easy to order materials online.

At this website you can have a look at old treatises and images, get info about shopping for an instrument or bow, or see what books and articles have been written about large stringed instruments. I don't make money from this website - I just post stuff I think others might find interesting or useful.

UPDATE: When I first designed and uploaded this website 17 years ago, the internet was in its infancy and there were relatively few resources available online. But the situation is ever improving, and I endeavour to add new materials as I find them. My treatises page now boasts more than 120 documents, and the iconography pages now include more than 500 images... If there's something missing that you think should be included, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. And likewise, please let me know if there are links that do not work properly

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